+ What makes a great electric bike?

Electric bikes are going through a huge transition. For the last 20 years, electric bikes in the US have been a hobbyists playground. In the last 10 years, electric bikes have become mainstream in Europe and are quickly becoming so in the States. We embrance both the hobbyist mindset, and the needs of the mainstream ebike consumer.

+ Are electric bikes safe & reliable?

As mentioned above, electric bike technology is rapidly becoming commonplace. Big brands like Bosch who have deep experience with motors and batteries are gaining ground. We only work with lithium-ion battery systems which are the safest and most reliable around.

+ Do I really need electric assist?

If you've got a particularly hilly commute, or a long one, an electric family bike may be just the thing to get your riding more. If you feel like you 'should' ride but you're not, you may find that electric assist gives you that needed boost.

+ What kind of electric bike do I need?

Electric bikes come in all shades. We offer electric family bikes, electric commuter bikes (we call these Single Occupancy Vehicles or SOV's), electric folding bikes and electric cargo bikes. An electric bike, by it's utilitarian nature, will open up new uses for bikes for all riders, making cycling more useful and widening your commute distance.

+ How long do ebikes take to charge?

Expect your average ebike to go from zero to full in about 4-5 hours. This varies by ebike assist manufacturer.

+ How far can I go on an ebike?

This varies widely by bike brand. We offer lightweight ebikes that are designed to travel 15-20 miles on a charge, and we offer dual-battery cargo bikes that can cover nearly 100 miles of ground on a charge. Range is impacted by many things including terrain, headwinds, temperature, your weight and the weight of your cargo, how inflated your tires are, etc. We can best help you guage realistic range in person.

+ Does my pedaling charge the bike?

No. A few models of ebikes may capture a small percentage of your momentum when braking and recharge the battery, but an electric bike, like an electric car, is charged when connected to electricity (110v AC) and uses that stored charge to augument your pedaling power.

+ Can I buy a non-electric bike and add assist later?

Yes. With that said, we are moving away from selling and supporting aftermarket assist kits as the entry price of high quality purpose built electric bikes drops. If you're looking for a true transport solution with longevity and low maintenance, a purpose built electric bike is your best option, bar none.