Sold! Kalkhoff Agattu B7




An affordable, comfortable and fully accessorized European electric bike.

This is a demo model Kalkhoff Agattu B7 Demo with a Bosch Active Line motor. The German-made Kalkhoff Agattu B7 is a joy to ride and is built for comfort and reliability.

SALE PRICE: $1900 - Sorry, this bike is sold.

Originally $2499


  • NOTE: This demo bike is lightly used and professional serviced.  Comes with Active Line Drive motor from Bosch (not Performance Line Drive). 
  • Now comes in XS frame size with 26" wheels. Historically the Agattu has run big - like really big.  New for 2017 is an XS frame size built for riders around 5' tall. To accomplish this, they downsized the traditional 700c wheels to 26" for the XS frame.
  • Aluminum frame is strong, light, and not too flashy. It feels as though Kalkhoff designed this bike to hide in plain sight - it's mostly black or dark gray with zero garish branding.
  • Ready to roll - fully accessorized. As is the standard in Europe, though not always in the States, the Agattu comes with fenders, lights, front suspension, seat post suspension, a rear rack, and even a wheel lock (doesn't substitute for a security lock). 
  • Hydraulic Rim Brakes - Magura HS-11 brakes are hydraulic rim brakes that are low maintenance and strong without being overly grippy. 

* This bike carries its full manufacturer's warranty from your time of purchase. 
Please call the store to verify availability as supplies are limited.  206-363-4663


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