Changes are Coming to our Service Pricing Structure

With May here and the sun setting well after the shop is closed, the “cycling season” is officially upon us. Things at the shop slow down over winter (although biking never really comes to a halt when you’ve got electric assist!) and we took some time to reevaluate how we operate. We’ve worked on improving our service and new-bike build times by improving procedures and bringing in more employees. We have rearranged the sales floor and expanded the service department. And we also took a hard look at our service pricing structure.


We realized that our previous approach was inconsistent with the going rates for service in the region and that we were undervaluing the highly specialized and unique work that we do. We have rewritten our a la carte prices line-by-line and created more straightforward tune-up options. In an effort to really put our focus on the cargo, electric, and family bikes that we sell and love, we are introducing an across-the-board 15% discount on service for bikes bought from G&O. This discount is good for 2 years and applies, starting on May 15th, to any bike already bought from us or purchased from now on. You’ve got a Packster 80 from 2017? 2 years of 15% off! You’re waiting for that new Xtracycle RFA to drop? 2 years of 15% from the day you take it home!
Follow this link to see our full service price sheet and to learn about our new tune-up levels.

Davey OilComment