+ What makes a great folding bike?

Folding bikes excel when they acheive the right balance of foldability and functionality. A folding bike that fits in your pocket but is virtually unrideable misses the mark. Similarly, a folding bike that doesn't fit in your car but rides great might not be ideal either. We look for folding bikes that achieve a sufficient fold when weighed against what they are capable of doing.

+ Are folding bikes safe?

Yes. We only work with reputable manufacturers who sell their bikes worldwide. Bicycle safety requirements are much higher in Europe than they are in the States - so if you're wondering if your bike is safe, check to see that it's widely sold in Europe.

+ Are folding bikes safe to carry me & my kid?

Any child carrying accessories we pair with folding bikes are sanctioned and approved by the manufacturer.

+ Are folding hard to ride?

Generally, no. Smaller wheels can pose challenges for some riders under some conditions. We encourage you to come in for a test ride if you have questions about rideability.

+ Can I electrify a folding bike?

We sell a dedicated folding electric bike, and we can add aftermarket electric assist kits to certain folding bikes. If you have a bike you would like to electrify, contact us and provide the make and model - we can advise you about safe and reliable options for electrification.

+ Do folding bikes require more service?

Not necessarily. Heavily used folding bikes may see increased tire wear (high miles with smaller tires means more wear per tire). Otherwise, service should be equivalent to any other bike.

+ Do I need a lock if I own a folding bike?

Yes. You should never leave home without a bike lock - and a good bike lock at that. Why? Because bikes are most often stolen when we neglect to lock them properly in the heat of the moment - slipping into a store quickly trusting your bike will be safe for a short amount of time. While you may not use your lock as often with a folding bike, you won't want to be caught without a lock when you need it.

+ Can I carry a folding bike in a cargo bike?

Absolutely. You can carry a Brompton (or two!) on a longtail, you can carry a Vektron in a box bike. Many people find that owning a folding bike and a cargo bike represents the true antidote to car ownership.